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Here goes  H2

Sweet Sorghum Complementing Ethanol Production in Sugar Mills

To help the Indian government achieve the national ethanol blending targets of 20% by 2017, private sugar mills and the […]

Newly discovered wild sorghum variety has tremendous potential for cellulosic ethanol

Scientists from the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Cell Walls at the University of Adelaide have discovered that a […]

Biomass.Market was Nominated A 2015 GCIP SA Finalist

#GCIP_SA, #CleantechSA15 (@CleantechSA, 23 October 2015) Source: Biomass.Market was Nominated A 2015 GCIP SA Finalist

South Africa: Milestone for biofuels as pricing rules issued

  THE Department of Energy has finally published the long-awaited draft position paper on the pricing regulations and rules for […]


“Energy on Steroids …” .. is how an investment analyst assessed one of our projects, because furfural production as part […]


At DalinYebo we are well experienced to connect the many “dots” of the value chains that every successful bio-based business […]


“4 Platforms: Sugarcane/Sorghum, Ag.-Residues, Cellulosic/Pulp and Bio-digestion” Introduction Most biorefineries define “the purpose of pretreatment is to destroy the structure […]

Furfural production in modern lignocellulose-feedstock biorefineries

Gianluca Marcotullio  @ UNECE/FAO Workshop St. Petersburg, May 2013 Click here to go to the presentation

Introducing: µ-BioRefinery™ byDalinYebo

DalinYebo’s µ-BioRefinery™ makes use of simple, fit-for-purpose processing equipment that is installed close to the biomass source to produce bio-renewable […]